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In the last years, Nikki has started lots of personal projects to fulfill his artistic side. On of those projects is about photography.

His style is dark, grungy and dirty, and the photographs he shows reflects this, with a touch of madness and crazyness. You can see more of his photography on the Nikki Sixx's Myspace.

Nikki Sixx's photography is produced in his artistic studio in Los Angeles: Funny Farm. This studio was decorated for him by his -in that days- girlfriend Kat Von D.

His working gear is a Nikon D3, and he uses lots of retouching effect to be able to show darkness in his pictures. On the other hand, he makes great portraits, being the self-portrait the most notable of them.

This is an Unnoficial Nikki Sixx Website. Nikki Sixx did not write the content and it's not affiliated to the site in any way.

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