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Nikki Sixx is the well known bass from the legendary band Mötley Crüe.

He's insane way of life drove him to mad situations, the most famous the day he returned from dead cause of his heroin addiction, detailed on his book The Heroin Diaries.

Nikki Sixx and Mötley Crüe are as famous today as they were in the 80's. The new technologies and videogaming are still making them be known by the new audiences, the young people who knows them thanks to Guitar Hero, or seeing their famous videos in youtube.

Nikki Sixx is now in one of his most creative and inspired time of his life. With the Crüefest 2 on the road and his studio in Los Angeles, Nikki Sixx enjoys his free time creating new songs, making photographies and enojoying his fans trough the Nikki Sixx myspace.

Nikki Sixx is an inspiration for the young people of today, as well as it is for some new bands. Tha people in Brides for Destruction share his look. Another band where he plays is Sixx AM, the band he founded to make the music for his book, The Heroin Diaries.

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